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Our herd consists of Simmental and Angus based cows bred with an emphasis on creating quality show cattle and breeding stock through embryo transplant and A.I.


Brady Gramm Show Cattle Online Sale

12/05/17 on

  SDK Ariel
Reg. # 3100703

Triple C Magic Man X GFI Lacey

Embryos available by Chopper and Monopoly
  Diamond Lady
Star Power X Traveler

half blood

Embryos available by Meyer 735 sexed female and Monopoly
Bojo X Meyer 734

  Shown by Lindsey Mattson
  Shown by Sydney Beyer
  Shown by Maddie Otto
  Shown by JT Weber Family
  Shown by Chandler Gramm
  Shown by Mac Kampmeier
  Shown by Erika Gramm
  Shown by Tanner Gramm
  Shown by Tyler Evink
  Shown by Jenna Moser